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2018-06-18 18:30  

With being engaged to a Ukrainian and all, I'm trying to find out what Ukrainian films are available on good DVDs with English subtitles in the West or elsewhere. It seems that the number of films is very limited to Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Тіні забутих предків) from Artificial Eye (and of slightly lesser quality from Kino) and Dovzhenko's Ukrainian trilogy from Bongo's. I've done some searching but cannot find any others. As anyone who spends any time in the old Soviet Union knows the overwhelming vast majority of DVDs are pirated and/or are of terrible quality. My fiancee's father gave me a disk of 16 Ukrainian films, knowing I was into cinema, but as one would expect they were mainly of terrible quality - pan & scans, dubs into Russian, camcorder copies from a cinema etc. I'm going to trawl through some shops here later this week and maybe I'll find one or two decent looking legit disks but naturally they won't have subs.Can anyone help me?

Please help.

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