The Kuban Cossacks (Кубанські Козаки) - Ритм України (1972?) [mp3, vinyl rip] | Folk

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The Kuban Cossacks (Кубанські Козаки) - Ритм України (1972?) [mp3, vinyl rip] | Folk

The Kuban Cossacks (Кубанські Козаки) - Ритм України (1972?) [mp3, vinyl rip] | Folk

Стиль: Folk
Країна, місто: Канада
Видавець: RSVP & Chaika Records
Микола Кумпан
Олександр Кумпан
Дмитро Мошняга
    Частина 1
    1. Гамалія
    2. Кобзар
    3. Ой, хмелю
    4. Дощик
    5. Ой, джигуне
    6. Ой, не ходи Грицю
    7. Сусідко
    8. Рушничок

    Частина 2
    1. Черемшина
    2. Гей, там на Кубані
    3. Гопак
    4. Ой, ти дівчино
    5. Їхав козак за дунай
    6. Дивлюсь я на небо, Ой лопну обруч, Дівка в сінях стояла
    7. Калина

Тривалість: 00:36:57
Мова: українська (1-3, 7-10, 13, 15), англійська (12), інструментал (4, 6, 11, 14)
Аудіо-кодек: MP3
Бітрейт: 256 кб/с VBR
Джерело: автор ріпу - PerogyOverload
Інформація зі звороту (англ.):

* - Музичне оформлення: Дмитра Мошняги
** - із М. Кузаним
$ - англійські слова - Каміла Шанц

Side 1
1. Hamaliya: Ukraine's poet laureate, Taras Shevchenko, wrote the words many years ago. Recently, Dmytro Moshniaha composed the music for this lively Cossack story.
2. Kobzar: Another Shevchenko "classic" and again the beautiful blend of Moshniaha's music.
3. Oy Khmelu: Some say it was written in the times of a famous Ukrainian leader, Bohdan Khmelnycky, others that the song was known long before. All agree it is a stirring music.
4. Doshchyk: The theme is rain, the music is Moshniaha's and the orchestra is Sydney Lipton's. The result: marvelous!
5. Oy Dzhygune: The Kuban Cossacs bring a new flavour to an old humerous melody which used to rumble across the steppes.
6. Oy Ne Khody Hryciu: A tone poem of a young lass telling her beau not to go out of an evening - without her, that is.
7. Susidko: A traditional Ukrainian folk song describing the values of having a young and beautiful young neighbour.
8. Rushnychok: A Malyshko & Mayboroda melody extolling the pride and love for one's mother.

Side 2
1. Cheremshyna: Two teams combined their talents to produce this lovely Ukrainian ballad: the originators, Yurichuk & Mykhaluk, and the updated arrangements of Moshniaha and Kouzan.
2. Hey Ta Na Kubani: The Kuban Cossacks present Moshniaha's words and music which paint the picture f the exciting life in the Kuban region of Ukraine.
3. Hopak: Sydney Lipton's orchestra plays T. Demey's arrangement of a traditional Ukrainian dance - which Cossacks, at a certain time of the evening, invariably perform.
4. Oy Ty Divchyno: So beautiful was she that it took three talents to adequately describe her. One of Ukraine's greatest composers wrote the words and music: Kos-Anatolsky: Moshniaha's new arrangement for the Kuban Cossacks repertoire: the English lyrics by Camilla Chance.
5. Yikhaw Kozak Za Dunay Tells the touching story of a Cossack's parting promise to his beloved: "fear not, I shall return". Ah! but what a surprise he gets when he does return!
6. Diwus Ja Na Nebo, Oj Lopnuw Obruch, Diwka w Siniach Stojala: A trio of tunes whose tempi and meaning change in a lightening-quick manner. But the results are as refreshing as a spring rain shower.
7. Kalyna: Now the ORIGINAL version of a traditional Cossack song: recently made popular by a Welsh singer Mary Hopkins.

The Kuban Cossacks - On your steppes
Kuban Cossacks
THE KUBAN COSSACKS are so harmonious a team that it is usully assumed they are indeed one family. Two of them, SASHKO and MYKOLA KOUMPAN, are in fact brothers, while the third, WASYL KOWALENKO (the group's director) is the countryman with whom they struck up instant friendship when they met at the Olympic Games in Australia, and decided to join forces. They were teenagers then, and now they are young men in the physical prime — and in the years since that historic meeting they have packed a prodigious amount of experience with travel in 21 countries to give over 8000 performances.

An Amsterdam "date" was the beginning of the boys’ meteoric rise to fame. It lead to a record-breaking season in that Mecca of British show business, Blackpool, followed by triumphs in Hollywood, Caracas, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Brussels, Cannes, Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Durban, Capetown, and Monte Carlo where they gave a Royal Command Performance for Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, en route for London and the crowning success of a London Palladium season. They have starred in Chicago, featured on Broadway (N.Y.) and played for long seasons in the plushier places of Nevada and Texas. During their resident booking at the Tropicana in Las Vegas they notched up 1506 performances without a day off – truly remarkable feat of endurance, probably a world record.

Television has made many calls on the Cossacks: they been seem on the seductive screen 95 times in a score of countries. Now they have made their first LP record — a mini-recital of exciting "folk" music far removed from pop and including original items by their distinguished musical director, DMYTRO MOSHMAHA, who is responsible for the dynamic arrangements they use. Recently the Cossacks recruited three charming songstresses who lend vocal and visual ornamentation to some of the highlights of the performance and, of course, are heard on the LP, backing the boys with 36-piece orchestra.

It is some years since the Kuban Cossacks graduated to the status of international stardom and now, after a champagne success registered in all six continents, they have joined the elite coterie of artists capable of constituting an entire concert in themselves. That they are able to put on a complete show - richly varied and liberally spiced with humour - is high testimony to that polish and perfect timing which has come from tightly disciplined rehearsal and a constant striving for an ever better performance.

The initial talent - they are inspired singers, swordsmen, dancers, and instrumentalists - took fire from their national origins. Their roots are deep in the Ukraine, that region of wild steppes whose people cherish a fierce tradition of independence and reckless courage. Incidentally, their "Kuban" comes from the so-named part of the Ukraine where they and their cossack-forebears once lived. In their spectacular dancing whose seeming abandon conceals hundreds of hours of practice and a cruel discipline they reflect the unquenchable spirit of their people. Their songs echo gaiety but with the righth astringent seasoning of remembered combat: their instruments have that ageless undertone of the melancholy of ancient lands.

Arrangements: Dmytro Moshniaha and M. Kouzan, London, England

Conductor: Sydney Lipton (orchestra) London, England

Engineers: Martin Rushent & Dominique Blanc- Francard, London & Paris

Remastering: RCA Ltd. Montreal: Elizbeth Pawulska

Cover design: Ray Stevens

Photo Montage: Lubomyr Taskey

Coordination: The Ray Stevens People for RSVP Inc. Records & Chaika Records

Executive producer: Roman Pidwysocky (Роман Підвисоцький)

Other Ukrainian albums available from RSVP Inc., 1110 Sherbrooke West, Montreal 110, Canada

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"Dmytro Hnatiuk in the North America" - Vol. 1

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"From Lviv With Love" - Starring the Bayko Sisters.

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